ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle for New Gamers

Hey, hi are you new to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and just want to explore this game more? then welcome buddy. I am here with my ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle for a new Gamer in ETS 2.

I know what problem a new gamer face when he gets to know about any game and wants to explore. I also have faced these problems and after lots of time investment and playing the game I got some shortlisted Mods that are really useful for me.

ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle Essential Mods

I am glad that SCS Softwares allow us to modify the ETS 2 game and use it in the offline game. There are lots of websites with a number of mods but its really hard to pick those right Mods and try. It becomes harder when you have limited Data Pack. But it will be easy for you if you go with this ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle.

ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle:

So the Euro Truck Simulator 2 or ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle includes the following Mods and their uses also given below.

  • No Damage Mod – Zero Damage to your vehicle even after a major accident.
  • Level Booster Mod – get to Level 30 by completing your first Job.
  • Money Mod – Get 10 M Euros instantly when activated.
  • Traffic Mods – Truck, Auto Rikshaw, and Density Traffic according to the ETS2 Version you are using.
  • Bus Skin – If you are a Bus Driving Lover then this will help you to get your first Bus just Go Here
  • Saved Profile – 100% Completed Saved profile with all dealers unlocked and Millions of Euros for Europe map

Free Download Mods Starter Bundle Here

Mod NameETS2 Mods Starter Bundle
Mod Compatible forETS2 v1.30 to 1.36
Mod Size48 MB
Rating Star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Download LinkClick here 

So this is the list for a started Bundle if you are new to Euro Truck Simulator Game. These Mods above really help us to make us possible whatever we want to do in the game.

Like I was playing this game just for my craze about Bus Driving, and then I used all the mods and unlocked my favorite bus and then enjoyed the ride.

Then after I also installed different versions of ETS2 and then Map Mods along with it different Buses and so on. But when I think about those mods that really helped me here you see the list of it given above.

How to Copy Bus Mods in ETS2?

  • Download all Scania Bus Mods and other Mods and Extract if any mod is Zipped.
  • Make sure you have all Mods in “.SCS” file Extension
  • Now copy all “.SCS” files to the Location: My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod folder
  • Refresh your PC and Start the Euro Truck Sim Game.

How to Use this ETS2 Mods Started Bundle?

  • It is really very simple to use these mods, if you already downloaded this Pack and extracted and copied in the right folder as mentioned above steps then you almost half done. And half done is almost finished.
  • Start your game and choose the profile you are going to use or create a new Profile. Then go to the Mod Manager later you have to
The Mod manager
The Mod manager
  • activate those mods you need for your game, by shifting those mods from left window to right window of the Mod Manager.
  • Then Confirm changes and start your game. When you play your first job make sure you choose a delivery option when you reach to the destination of your delivery. This is necessary to activate your XP Mod. to get to level 30.
Choose Right Parking Option to get XP
Choose Right Parking Option to get XP
  • If you skip the Parking while you are at the destination of your first job delivery then you will have to play the next job for it.


ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle
ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle

Hey, hi are you new to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and just want to explore this game more? then welcome buddy. I am here with my ETS2 Mods Starter Bundle for a new Gamer in ETS 2.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: ETS2 Mods

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